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Up Up and Away

What a busy few weeks.

The team performed at Quairiding yesterday to a very enthusiastic crowd.Inaya and Ross performed in front of their home crowd which is always nice to do.Paintball had his first major public performance and ran like a champion.Romeo was as usual ,the true professional that he is and Oscar excelled himself running bridleless(even with a helicopter hovering only a short distance above his head).

Sincere thanks to our helpers.Maddy for making our new blinkers and Jo for her lovely costumes.

Congratulations must go to Michelle who turned the team out immaculately once again.Also a huge congratulations for her new foals that were born these last couple of weeks.Even though Michelle had little sleep after being on foal watch she still put so much effort into helping us.Thanks Michelle.

Well its only hours before we fly out to Queensland for Emma to perform with Pinky at the National Rodeo finals next week.Check out the latest Rodeo In Australia mag for a 2 page spread on the girls and the back cover.Also check out Eques Magazine( for an article on the girls.They're on the cover.Watch out the week after for a heap of new pics :)

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Have a good week everyone,stay safe,enjoy your riding......

Now back to packing for me as I start singing "I'm leaving on a jet plane"........hope I don't forget anything....especially not the tickets!

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