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Well what a whirlwind few weeks.Haven't managed to find the time to update our blog.
As you would see we have switched to our new website.Sincere thanks to fortunegreen for all their hard work in developing the site.We hope you like it.

Was so proud of the team at the WARPG performance.Was Inaya's and Imogen's first public performance and they performed like they'd been doing it forever.Inaya is only 12 and Imogen even younger at only 8 and they nailed all their tricks.So very proud of them for being so dedicated in coming to extra training sessions to get them ready in time.Well done girls.Also a big congratulations to Ross for his part in the show.You did a really good job with your vaults Ross.
Sincere thanks also to Natahna and Ross for all their hard work behind the scenes.It's so nice having someone who just pitches in without having to ask.Our thanks.A great show with our youngest rider and youngest horse performing.

Well our trip to Queensland is looming fast.Tickets are booked and more arrangements are being made.Due to the current Hendra situation we have decided not to transport our horses over so Emma will be riding a borrowed horse over there.
It's going to be a very hectic few months as once we return from QLD,we have more shows then we'll be flying out again to Victoria for Emma to perform with a team there,then back home for another show in WA.

On the horse front,Pop's leg has healed well and he's been brought into training.Emma has already started training tricks on him and he's going extremely well.He's such a lovely natured horse and takes everything in his stride.
Romeo is having a little break before our shows next month.Fortunately Romeo is one of those horses that retains fitness so a couple of weeks work prior will be enough for him.Paintball is having his training stepped up now that he's turned 4.

Anyway ,it's a lovely day ,the sun is shining and it's time to go for a lovely ride on our horses.
Take care ,hug your horse and if someone is without a smile ,give them one of yours :)

Until next time..........

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