At thirteen they were fooling, but at sixteen they'll be rulin',
And there's something in the air of which we all will be aware

Western Australian based trick riding and mounted archery team available for performances at Events, Ag Shows, Rodeos, Pony Club & Riding Club Displays,Riding Schools, Birthdays and shows.

For Bookings go to our contact page.

Minimum area requirements for a standard performance.

  • Straight run 65m(L) x 8 m (w)
  • Circular pattern 60m(L) x 20m (w)
  • Mounted Archery displays also available with trick riding.
  • Modified performances please contact us. We'll do our best to accommodate you.
  • Our horses are used to performing in front of crowds, with noise ,fireworks,helicopters and under lights.
  • Enclosed areas NOT required.

Our Sponsors

Teenage Rampage is proudly sponsored by:

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We thank them for their incredible sponsorship.

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